The Countdown.

As I write this, I have 6 more days in this country. Am I feeling ready? Hmm.

The thing is, I’ve come to realise that there is really no such thing as a perfect beginning to something like this.

I feel as though I’m ready when it comes to the little things such as buying tickets, organizing money, packing clothes etc but when it comes down to it, I think I will always want one more month to truly feel on top of myself.

It’s funny when I moved to Eumundi, I thought, That’s great , ‘I have one month to orgainise my thoughts, say goodbye to everyone, maybe lose a bit of weight, just be totally confident and when the time comes and I board that plane… I will be strong and feel ready to conquer the world one step at a time’.

I have to laugh at myself, because I’ve come to realise that this is such a ridiculous expectation. The real key is just to be happy with who I am in this moment. I don’t need to read up on everything, learn every word in the Thai language and be a skinny minny to ensure that I will have an incredible time. Even when I write this, I’m realising how silly this is.

Sometimes I wonder why we think that being prepared is going to make a journey any easier? And at what point, can you ever actually say.. “Okay, I now know everything I need to know and I can happily say that I am prepared for anything.” Never.

You just have to take that leap no matter what. That’s the excitement and thrill of traveling, it’s all unknown once you hop off that plane and that is when the magic happens. The magic happens in the spontaneous suprises, not in all that pre-conceived nonsense.

My main aim is to get off that plane in Bangkok with an open mind, with no expectations and love in my heart.  I know deep down that I don’t know much and I admit, just accepting that can be a challenge but it feels good to admit. I don’t know why we always want to be better versions of ourselves when really, we’re everything we need to be.

I’ve had the best weekend with some of my dearest friends and really, the thing that makes those friendships so special is that we just feel so comfortable and natural around each other. That is the joy! Just being ourselves and being able to laugh with each other. By being comfortable in our own skin, we help others to feel the same. I’m so thankful to have friends like that.

So in 6 days time, no matter what state I’m in, I’m going to board that plane and do this! I know I’ll never be ‘ready’ so let’s go, It’s time to just close my eyes, trust myself and jump!


Dinner at Coolum Beach with Danni.


Thai on the beach with Danni and Pitty


A beautiful and thoughtful gift from Emma


Spent the weekend exploring the Eumundi markets, this bookstore and the beach at Noosa with Em.


A delicious Thai cocktail with chilli and coriander on top.


3 thoughts on “The Countdown.

  1. What wonderful writings Erin … I look forward to following you on your travels. You’re absolutely right … we think we’re never ready but deep down, we’re ready as we ever will be!

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